Terrence Howard, Master of Numerology and Moobs

Terrence Howard is known for being in one Iron Man Movie and on Empire, but it’s also pretty well known now that he is basically Professor Trelawney. Yeah, this motherfucker treats half his interviews like he’s teaching a divination class at Hogwarts.

Howard recently explained on Jimmy Kimmel Live!: 

“I like the number 9 right now. The Pythagoreans believed there were no numbers greater than the number 9.”

I mean I can name a few. Like 10. And 69. And 420.

I’m not even gonna make a #BlazeIt joke because it sounds like Terrence Howard is way ahead of me on that one.

“It turns out all nature moves with the number 9. So every ninth year, something amazing happens. You are either contracting or expanding … Nine is the greatest number there is because that’s the number of balance.”

He also talked about one time when his son tried to breast feed off his moobs. Which babies probably do a lot because they don’t know anything.

“This is what I’m mad about our education system. They do not tell you when you get to be about 45, don’t worry about the boob thing, you’re going to grow your own.”

Out of all the s**t that sucks about America’s education system, this is Terrence Howard’s one problem?

 “I was a boob man before I started growing my own.”


“I realized the larger your boobs get as a man, the more sensitive you become.”

I think this is what Kanye is gonna be like when he’s middle aged. I’m excited.

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