Look Out For Fleas With Big Dicks in Your Bed This Autumn

If they bite you it makes you gay. This is according to many scientists. I didn’t just make that up right now. Unlike this thing, which I totally made up.

There’s a new breed of super fleas in town and their dicks are two and a half times the size of their body. They are believed to come from Europe, because that’s where all of the world’s death bugs come from. First the plague and now this s**t. Thanks white people.

Flea bites usually appear as red spots on the feet and legs, and if you get them you should probably just burn your house down.

Burn down the whole block while you’re at it.

[H/T The Bolton News]

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5 years ago

“Thanks white people”… ? You realise that Africa is going through an AIDS crisis and has such lovely things as ebola right? Remember the ebola scare recently?

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