Abandoned Dog, Thrilled to See Owners At Shelter, Shattered When Owners Leave Her for a Less Depressed Dog

People can be assholes to people and dogs!

Zuzu, a German shepherd, jumped her fence and was mistaken for a stray and taken to her local shelter in Downey, CA. When a family came by to adopt a dog, Zuzu wagged her tail with glee to find it was her own family who’d returned to save her. The family petted the dog through a fence and talked to her, then gave her a figurative middle finger and walked away. The family was there to get a better dog.

The staff at the shelter were confused. The dog was obviously ecstatic to see her family, but they had no interest. Apparently, Zuzu’s dad had died recently and the dog had been depressed and crying. Since she “wasn’t the same dog anymore,” they’d come to pick up another one.

Social media went nuts, throwing the word “bitch” around more than once, not referring to the dog. The family didn’t give two shits and left the dog in the shelter to potentially end up in Doggie Heaven.

Many reached out wanting to adopt Zuzu and on Facebook the shelter reported:

We would like to report the happy ending that a rescue has agreed to take Zuzu and she will be leaving Downey on Friday, which is the first day that she is legally allowed to be adopted. 😀

See the whole video below if you want to cry about a dog and then cry that happy endings are possible for all, no matter how depressed they might be.

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