Here’s the Iguana Snake Chase Video Everyone’s Been Talking About

BBC’s Planet Earth II is the most gripping thing on TV right now. Case in point: This hatchling iguana being chased by a horde of snakes.

Here are a few questions I have after watching this.

  1. What iguana parent puts their eggs in the middle of snake island? Seriously. Worst. Parent. Ever.
  2. How did that iguana manage to escape those snakes at that one point?
  3. What was going through that snake’s head when it lunged for the iguana but missed and fell into that crevice? Was it, “Oh, shiiiiiii–“?
  4. What was that glassy look the other iguana had when the little dude made it up? It looked like a thousand yard stare from having gone through the same thing.
  5. Are Cleveland Browns fans the only ones who sympathize with the snakes?
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7 years ago