NFL Finally Listening to Fans, May End Thursday Night Football

Our long national sports nightmare may soon be over as the NFL is looking into ending, or at least limiting, Thursday Night Football.

The NFL’s current contract with NBC and CBS ends in 2017, which means these changes could take place as soon as 2018.

Thank. God.

Allow me to riff for a second. The Thursday Night game is terrible. There are no exceptions. Three days off is not enough for football players. Every player looks tired on Thursday, physically and mentally. The games are sloppy, the players are just looking to avoid injury, and 90% of the time the home team wins.

I watched Luke Kuechly cry as he was taken off the field last Thursday and it broke my heart. Injuries are inevitable in the NFL, but the league can take precaution to limit them. Forcing players to play on three days rest, which isn’t even restful because they still have to practice, isn’t how you attempt to limit injuries.

Between over-saturation, an increased chance of injuries, and plain old bad football; Thursday Night Football is a unnecessary and harmful.

Now if we could just get the NFL to allow players to wear custom cleats and celebrate with props.

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