Cole Beasley Tweeting the End of His Career

With the NFL basically holding teams with unvaccinated players accountable if an outbreak forces cancellation of a game, players are trying to get their anti-vaxxer teammates to get the Bill Gates trojan horse injected into their bloodstream. Unfortunately, a few of them aren’t budging because they have no clue how a vaccine works and are always saying things like they were developed “too fast”. Granted, it’s their choice, just like it is to go out every week and get multiple doses of CTE or inject some random substance into their body to gain an edge. At least most players stay quiet about it. Unless your name is Cole Beasley.

If that’s you, then you’re probably tweeting something stupid right now.

It’s gotten so inane that even O.J. Simpson called him out. And you know you’re doing something stupid when O.J calls you out.

At this point, this is all becoming a distraction and it’s leading many to wonder when the Bills are going to cut Cole Beasley.

I don’t know which player Cole is talking about, but this is what’s going to keep us from fully getting back to normal again and severely slow down the adoption of 5G.

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2 years ago

cole has a point the vaccine dose not prevent anything look at jon raim he has tested positive three times after being vaccinated

bole ceasley
bole ceasley
2 years ago
Reply to  gary

dumbass it prevents you from getting a harsher case of the disease