Taylor Swift Making a Hip Hop Album, African-Americans Confused if They Should Be More Mad About This or Trump

Taylor Swift has drifted between pop and country and is always met with acclaim. This next album, she wants to try an edgier sound. Get ready for the Taylor Swift Hip Hop album.

Swift has been working with Drake to create a more urban-influenced array of songs. After her “Bad Blood (Remix)” was successful, Taylor felt there was no genre she couldn’t conquer, so she’s put her skinny white ass on the hip hop train.

You might think the painfully white whiteness of Taylor Swift wouldn’t mix with a hip hop vibe. But remember, she’s white and rich and she’ll do anything she likes and somehow sell a million records.

Rumors have been swirling about the Drake-Swift connection, but Taylor says they’re just good friends. Just good friends who have met each others parents, are together all the time, and buy gifts for each others cats.

So, in these times of political divides and growing racism, perhaps we can all be united by agreeing that a Taylor Swift rap album is a shitty idea.

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7 years ago

Well, she broke the conventions of pop song lyrics with her last album. So I don’t know if this one will be shitty. She’s working with Drake, which is good. And she may be doing her own different thing again. I remember reading her say–she really likes rap and hip hop, the first album she and her brother bought when they were kids was some Kanye. (Which is probably why I remember this. Her idol interrupted her at the VMAs in 2009. Oh, Kanye! What’s the sound of a heart breaking?) Ok, ok. But she doesn’t think anyone would want… Read more »