‘Dunkirk’ Debuts Trailer with A-Level Cast, Plus Harry Styles

If you wanted Saving Private Ryan with more English accents, have we got the movie for you!

Christopher Nolan’s latest film, Dunkirk, just debuted it’s trailer. A World War II epic that may not be quite as graphic as Saving Private Ryan, but you will see lots of young men getting slaughtered by rifle fire and explosions.

Starring Mark Rylance of Bridge of Spies, Kenneth Branagh of everything Shakespeare and Tom Hardy and Cillian Murphy from previous Nolan films. Also thrown in is Harry Styles of pop group One Direction. Odd choice, but Nolan typically casts his films well, so I’ll save my snarkiness for another day.

Dunkirk arrives in theaters July 21, 2017 and may be a rare blockbuster with genuine artistic merit. Telling the story of ordinary British citizens desperately scrambling to rescue their trapped soldiers may make this a new take on the many World War II stories we’ve seen. Or it’ll be a bunch of shootings and explosions with the random heroic monologue thrown in. Who knows.

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