James Corden Is Taking ‘The Late Show’ From Stephen Colbert?

Considering that without a team of brilliant topical writers making him a stellar character and the space to be a wild maniac, Stephen Colbert is basically a strangely attractive semi-funny run of the mill catholic dad, the rumor mill is spinning. And it’s saying that CBS is possibly making some big changes. A TV insider told Page Six:

“There’s talk they will move ‘The Late Show’ to LA — and replace Colbert with James Corden.”

Cool, most people probably won’t watch it regardless, but no one is watching CBS anyway. According to another source, CBS isn’t scouting out LA planning Colbert’s removal, but are just doing a week of remote shows with him. According to another insider:

“They have been talking about this for a long time, but there’s no chance it could happen before next fall. The talk is that CBS would offer Colbert the chance to do an edgier show at 12:30 a.m., which he is actually more suited to.”

The talk show format has clipped his middle aged dad wings, and I hope that last guy isn’t just some s**t somebody made up.


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