Is Kanye West Schizophrenic?

An LA psychologist who is not treating Kanye West, probably never met him, but has access to all the same viral articles mocking him that assholes like me pump out, is tryna get herself trending on Facebook by theorizing about what’s wrong with him.


Psychologist Julie Armstrong told In Touch:

“He is not sleeping and he’s also got this luminosity— he’s saying ‘I am Jesus.’ A manic schizophrenic, a manic psychotic person has a religious delusion or delusion of persecution, and that’s exactly what he is exhibiting.”

I took enough personality quizzes online in 201o to also know this.

“Mania often comes with an irritable mood, a provocative mood, and that’s all very indicative of a bipolar disorder.”

Until we hear anything officially from anybody who has actually been in the same room as Kanye I’m not willing to bet money on any of this.  That’s not all though, apparently the picture of Kim Kardashian as a #1 bae wifey we’ve been getting isn’t real. According to another source:

“People close to Kanye are pissed with how she [Kim] is handling it and how the media is portraying Kim as this devoted wife, but she didn’t do anything to help Kanye before he was hospitalized.”

Kim Kardashian knows about nude selfies. She doesn’t know about mental illness. Or probably compassion. What do you want from her? Leave her alone. She’s having a bad enough time. Damn.

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6 years ago

There is a reason why this 2 year old article only has 2 comments, its trash. I hope you actually learned how to do research and post, you know, facts.