The Kardashians Do Not Want to Let Blac Chyna Share Their Sacred Name

Blac Chyna officially joined the Kardashian clan when she married Rob Kardashian and had his child. Now, she’s trying to trademark her married name Angela Renee Kardashian. And the Kardashians are not having it.

Khloe and Kim’s companies are filing suits to try to block Blac Chyna from trademarking┬áher name. Thus far, all the Kardashian names are trademarked, which means they and only they can use their names for marketing or selling purposes. Kim and Khloe feel that Angela Renee becoming a legal Kardashian could irrevocably hurt their brand.

It’s hard to not call this racist, seeing how they assume a black woman would immediately hurt their brand. Also, how could she hurt the brand? Will she pose mostly clothed and try to market herself on something other than her body? That would be off-brand, but with Blac Chyna, it’s unlikely.

The other girls are probably just angry that their brother managed to find the one person with a bigger ass than Kim.

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