Postal Worker is Real Life Grinch, If the Grinch Stole Presents to Buy Sex Toys

Christmas is a season for peace and love, but it’s also Primetime for mail theft.

Postal worker Iesha Conley was found going through envelopes and stealing the gift cards. What makes this more interesting that your everyday thievery  is what Iesha did with the money.

A West Nyack woman reported that she received a holiday card, but the $100 gift card inside was missing. When they tracked down the purchases on the card, it turned out Conley rushed to Groupon to buy 3 sex toys.

You have to have low self-esteem if you can’t allow yourself to get a full priced vibrator for money that isn’t yours. Also, you need 3 at a time? I shouldn’t judge, maybe she bought them for a destitute family that couldn’t afford any dildos for Christmas this year.

Conley had the items shipped to her home and also tried to pay her own cable bill with stolen goods, so she was easy to find.

The post office where she worked found video of Conley stealing. She would stow away stolen items by stuffing them in a “Got Jesus?” sweater. Presumably she did this so the story could be as funny as possible when she eventually got caught.

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