Spider-Man is Back, This Time with More High School and Non-White People!

We finally got our first glimpse of the new Spider-man: Homecoming and it looks pretty cool. But how bad could a Spider-man be? Oh, that’s right. Spider-Man 3.

This time our hero really does look like a high school kid and though he seems skinny as hell, he does have a surprising six-pack. So, that’s nice.

Also new to the franchise, non-white people! Peter has a chubby friend of color and the girl he has a crush on is African-American. So, get ready to read some racist tweets about Homecoming ruining their childhood by including a black person.

Tony Stark will be a key character in the film, giving Spider-man guidance and teaching him how to quip properly while fighting.

The most exciting addition to the Marvel world is Michael Keaton as Vulture. We don’t really know what his deal is, but he does have a flying suit and threatens to kill Peter Parker and everyone he loves. Plus, it’s Michael Keaton, so he’ll be awesome.

All in all, it’s a promising trailer from a character who’s had a rocky last few films. Let’s see if Marvel Studio’s can work it’s magic and save our favorite web-slinger.

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