Dude Gets 50 Strippers for Dad’s Funeral

Tung Hsiang was a 76-year-old Taiwanese politician. He recently passed away. This is sad news.

But he smartly wanted his funeral to be the most baller event ever. So, his son organized 50 girls in bikinis dancing on top of jeeps to be part of the funeral.

This is the way to do it. Funerals shouldn’t be so sad. Life is sad, generally. So, funerals should be celebrations. When I die, everyone better be dancing to Taylor Swift and telling stories of how drunk I got in college. If anyone cries, I’m coming back to haunt them.

Mourn all you want leading up to the funeral, but get plastered and get laid at my funeral.

[Image: Flickr/Dean Lautermilch]

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uluslararas─▒ evden eve nakliyat

Nice post thank you very much. Waiting for more.