Stripper Falls 15 Feet Off Pole, Then Gets Up and Twerks With a Broken Jaw

I have seen strippers do some crazy things in my life. Like have sex with Ron Jeremy. Seriously. Yikes. But I’ve never seen a stripper fall 15 feet, land on her face and then get back up and keep stripping.

But that’s just what Genea Sky did, and video of the accident went viral.

She answered a few questions about it on Twitter.

Yes, I fell off the pole.
Yes, I fractured my jaw.
NO, I’m not fucking okay.
And there’s absolutely NOTHING funny about this situation. This is the worst pain I’ve ever felt and I wouldn’t wish it upon anyone.

Luckily, though, her surgery went well and she’s recovering.

She’ll be back on that poll in no time, I’m sure.

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4 years ago