Eva Amurri’s Baby Almost Died, She’s Surprised By Her Lingering ‘PTSD’

Turns out if someone drops your baby and causes a skull fracture, you’re going to be upset.

Eva Amurri, daughter of Susan Sarandon, had a horrifying experience with her newborn child, Major. When the night nurse accidentally fell asleep while holding Major, she dropped him to the ground. Amurri said that she and her husband awoke to a loud thud and terrifying screams.

After spending two days in the hospital, Major was released and is completely fine. Though he did suffer a skull fracture, it didn’t impact his brain and the bleeding was localized and minimal.

But now, Amurri claims she’s suffering from PTSD. After firing the night nurse, Eva can’t trust anyone to take her of her child. On her blog, she states,

“Hearing Major cry hard immediately triggers my memories of the moments after the accident and instigates an immediate panic attack — my heart races and tears spring to my eyes. Sometimes I get dizzy spells. I feel nauseous and overwhelmed and even small discomforts he has make me anxious. My appetite has decreased to nothing, I have a hard time getting to sleep after night time feedings, and my milk supply goes up and down depending on the stresses of the day. Any time we are near an edge or a ledge, I fear that he will fall, somehow, and be hurt again.”

Well, no s**t. Babies are scary! They can’t do anything for themselves and they’re incredibly fragile. You literally have a life in your hands. So, if somebody nearly kills your child by simply falling asleep, it shouldn’t be a surprise that you’re a little freaked out.

I’m not criticizing Amurri for her stress, just that fact that she seems so surprised that she didn’t recover immediately from her baby almost dying.

So, note to all future mothers out there, if someone drops your baby on it’s head, it’ll take more than a week for you to feel chill about letting him hang out in his crib alone.

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