Mariah Carey’s Performance Was Sabotaged…By Her Not Giving a F**k

Mariah Carey’s New Years Eve performance was sabotaged!

Was it the Russians? No, this time it was just the crew at New Years Rocking Eve.

If you somehow missed it, Mariah Carey did a 3 song set live in Times Square for the ABC program. After doing a fine job of Auld Lange Syne, things went bad during Emotion and We Belong Together. Mariah apparently couldn’t hear herself due to technical issues, so she walked around onstage occasionally saying she needed her monitor fixed, then half heartedly lip synched while her dancers tried their hardest to still put on a show. Basically, she was the living embodiment of not giving a f**k.

Now, Mariah’s rep is saying that she was “set up to fail.” The rep claims Mariah rehearsed for 3 hours the day before and showed up for a run through at 3pm that day with no sound problems. Then, before the actual show, Mariah complained her ear piece wasn’t working and her concerns were just brushed off and she was thrust into her live performance. The rep claims they may have done this on purpose for ratings.

As for the lip syncing, it is actually common for singers to sing a long with a track, especially when a performance is outdoors, in the cold, live, with a million screaming people around.

But a production source responded by saying that’s all a crock of s**t. They claim Mariah “Had ample time to rehearse and chose not to…The music was provided by her team, there were no fewer than eight audio monitor wedges in front of her and the dancers had no problem syncing up to the music.” Plus, they say that Mariah had a body double rehearse for her at the run through and encountered no sound problems.

The truth is probably somewhere in between. I wholeheartedly believe that she could not hear herself and that there were audio problems during the show. I also firmly believe that Mariah Carey did not rehearse for 3 hours to sing 3 songs she sung for a million years. There’s no way that’s true. Also, it seems unlikely that the crew would undermine her on purpose. Sound problems happen all the time. Watch The Tony Awards. All you see are theater professionals sing with non-working microphones.

Either way, it’s kind of awesome to see someone just give a middle finger to a live show. It’s not the most professional move, but it did make for a much more entertaining New Years Rocking Eve.

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