New Sex Toy Actually Smells Like Sex

I’d say it’s about time for humanity to go f**k itself.

And with all the recent updates in sex robots, virtual reality porn orgy theaters, and sex toys that literally smell like sex, we fucking can.

From FHM:

“A new virtual reality sex toy called the OhRoma actually focuses on the sense of smell, delivering a powerful scent to the user with options like perfumes and, yep, even porn stars’ vaginas. We wish we were joking.”

I really hope all those pussy grabbers out there can just get their hands on this s**t and stop tryna ruin the lives of women everywhere. One of the porn stars this new sex toy is made to smell like, Victoria Ryan, apparently put a lot of effort into making a scent for this weird toy that smells just like her.

“I sort of wanted a fruity musky scent that would blend with a flowery perfume. I imagine I will want to change that smell when I hit MILF status.”

I don’t mean to sound like some weird sex-hating puritan, but this s**t kinda weirds me out.

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