Susan Sarandon’s Boobs Defy Gravity

Susan Sarandon, my gawd, she ages well. She’s like Elizabeth Hurley, hot vampires who never seem to get old. She recently attended a Television Critics’ Association (TCA) party. Presumably she was there to pump up her new show, Feud, which starts up on FX in March.

It’s about the feud between divas of yesteryear, Joan Crawford (Jessica Lange) and Bette Davis (Sarandon). They were old time actresses who battled in old time Hollywood. That’s my guess. Just as interesting, Ryan Murphy, creator of American Horror Story, produces it. That already sounds good. Dude has the golden touch.

Also, they actually cast two 60+ years olds in major roles, in a television show, at the same time. Very progressive, Hollywood.

Obviously, the show goes into the battles between the two. At the same time, Murphy has a bigger take. He talked to Vanity Fair a few months ago and said “I want to use that feud to explore really how nothing has changed for women in Hollywood, and in all areas of business. It’s empirical in the way it looks at how women don’t really work after 40. So I do feel like it is about something universal.”

Yea yea, ageism, gotcha. But look, Sarandon is hot as hell, so obviously, give her as much work as she wants. And Jessica Lange is a good actress too, so umm, yea, let her act?

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