Adele Messed Up on the Grammys and Asked for a Do-Over

The Grammys invited Adele to perform George Michael’s “Fast Love” in remembrance of his death this year. They didn’t expect her to swear and ask everyone to start over because she couldn’t get into the right key.

Adele got about two minutes into the song when she swore and said, “I’m sorry, I can’t mess this up for him.” After that, she turned around, waited for everyone to reset, then started over and finished the song. She ended up standing onstage with tears in her eyes while the audience applauded.

Of course, everyone on Twitter is fawning over Adele’s human reaction and all up her butt about stopping the Grammys.

But seriously, isn’t this what rehearsals are for? It’s not the first time Adele’s stopped performances because she blew it.

Beyonce would never do this.

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