‘The Bachelor’ Power Rankings: Week 6

How did Whitney make it through until now? At least I killed it in my power rankings last week because my bottom four, Taylor, Josephine, Jaimi and Alexis, were all eliminated.

Then there was Jasmine. Jasmine went off the rails and said she wanted to choke Nick. Then she actually did choke Nick. Then Nick was all like, “She might actually kill me,” and then kicked her off even before the rose ceremony. In hindsight, maybe choking him wasn’t a good idea. Note to self: Don’t choke your date.

Danielle L. and Whitney went on the group date and, like I’ve been saying every week, Whitney who? So, obviously, Nick had to do a 2 on 1 and he already decided on eliminating Whitney so it didn’t matter who the other person was. But then, he threw a curve ball. Nick sent Danielle L. home because she was all like, “I can see a future with you,” and he was all like, “Er nah.” Maybe if she shoved her tits in his faces like Corinne she wouldn’t be in this situation. He totally sabotaged my power rankings. Asshole.

After this week, there’s only 6 women left. This is getting real.

1.  Danielle M. (Child nurse person) +0

Like everyone else, she’s getting pretty annoyed. It’d be great if she hulks out like Jasmine.

2. Corinne (Runs a multi-million dollar company with her nanny) +1

I’m pretty sure she tries to bang Nick next week. Guys HATE when hot girls try to sleep with them. Said no one ever.

3. Vanessa (French-Canadian-Italian) +2

Another person that’s getting pretty annoyed that Nick isn’t serious and just wants to dick around.

4. Kristina (Russian hygienist) +4

She brought her A-game with the story about her childhood. Jesus. And I thought my childhood was hard when my mom didn’t cut the crusts off my sandwiches.

5. Raven (Midwest girl) +1

She’s so upbeat. It would be a shame if she was eliminated next. Heh heh heh.

6. Rachel (Attorney) -2

I think she just sat around this episode and left a volleyball game early.

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