‘The Bachelor’ Power Rankings: Week 7

Some spoilers ahead if you care. Based on Bachelor news, we already know one person who ISN’T making it. Rachel. Sorry, but she was already last in rankings anyway. If you haven’t heard, Rachel is going to be the first black Bachelor or Bachelorette or whatever.

As far as this episode goes, Nick was a little bitch. How many times does he cry every episode? Because if this keeps going on, I’m just going to mute it. Quit being a little bitch, Nick. He also blew up my power rankings this week. Another reason for him being a little bitch.

Anyway, Danielle M. opened her heart to Nick and Nick was all, “Nah, byeeeee.” So she’s gone. Nick also got rid of Kristina. And she even let him lotion her inner thigh. Geez, buddy.

1. Corinne (Runs a multi-million dollar company with her nanny) +1

Corinne took her platinum vageen to Nick’s room to secure her spot… but she got rejected.

2. Vanessa (French-Canadian-Italian) +1

She’s just a special needs teacher!

3. Raven (Midwest girl) +2

Looks like we’re going to her hometown. Yee-ha!

4. Rachel (Attorney) +2

We all know what’s happening with her.

By the way, Amanda Seyfried was just as confused as I was during this episode.

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