Chrissy Teigen Had Enough of the Oscars

Chrissy Teigen never fails to charm. This time Teigen showed up to the Oscars and unintenionally photobombed other celebrities while sleeping.

For some reason, Teigen was knocked out during a good part of the awards show. Cameras would pan over to celebrities and catch her sleeping on husband John Legend’s shoulder. She must have super sleeping powers times a million to nap with all that clapping going on. On the other hand, those actor and actress speeches can get pretty boring, so no one should blame her.

See her doze her way through multiple camera shots:

She even fell asleep on Guillermo of The Jimmy Kimmel Show‘s shoulder. She was probably fake sleeping, but who knows?

Teigen can’t resist a comfy shoulder.

For her part, she took it all in stride, tweeting out:

She captioned it “just woke up what happened.” Nothing Chrissy, just you being you.

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