Is DC Switching Up Their Universe with the Upcoming ‘Nightwing’ Movie?

Hopefully. They been fucking up lately.

Whether making humorless boring movies, or movies that are straight up jokes, DC hasn’t really been able to get that whole “actually genuinely entertaining” thing down.

Rumor has it that their latest s**t pile, Wonder Woman, has all of the same flimsy character and plot problems they’ve become famous for.

People don’t even want a lot from superhero movies. They just want them to be a good time. Half of the Marvel films don’t make sense, have glaring plot issues, and barely pay off, but people love that s**t. Because they are a good fucking time.

Nightwing, however, is Dick Grayson all grown up. He isn’t as much of a tortured self-sabotaging dramatic stare-into-the-distance motherfucker as he is a genuine guy who is in touch with his feelings and family, and canonically actually has a likable personality.

If they choose to stay true to the character’s roots and don’t suck all of the joy out of him, we could be in for a genuinely entertaining film.

The fact that they’re bringing on the guy who directed The Lego Batman Movie to do it is a great sign. Finally, we might get a recent movie in the DC universe that doesn’t watch like a sleeping pill or the back room of a Hot Topic.

Come on Chris McKay. You got this.

I will literally take anything over another Suicide Squad.

We believe in you.


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