GraTaTa Guy Using Cash Me Ousside Girl To Regain “Fame”

We all know the “Cash Me Ousside” girl. She went on Dr. Phil, spoke improper English, beat up some airline passenger (no one was arrested), and turned into a meme. Nothing good came out of this girl going viral. Except this:

That’s funny.

Like Chrissy Teigen, I voted for these jokes to retire. But, here we are, still making “Cash Me Ousside” girl (I don’t even know her real name) [Ed. note: Danielle Bregoli] relevant.

The latest person to bring her up is GraTaTa Guy. WHO?!?!

Yup, still don’t know him. Is it that easy to go viral? Just be white and stupid? Anyway, this guy had his 15 seconds of fame, which ended when he was arrested last year for suspicion of abduction and firearm possession by a convicted felon.

It’s tough to hold a white idiot down, because GraTaTa Guy is back in the news. Now claiming to have finger banged the Cash Me Ousside girl.

This guy is 25, she is 13. Guess tweeting and deleting this in five years, when she’s legal, won’t have the same impact. Because she’ll be irrelevant.

Can they both just go away?

[H/T, Tweet: BroBible]

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Totally Magical Unicorn
Totally Magical Unicorn
7 years ago

“Can they both just go away?” Not if you keep writing about this garbage.

7 years ago

If this guy was black and an idiot….would YOU have also pointed that OUT TOO!?