Bhad Babie Enters Rehab

Bhad Babie aka Danielle Bregoli has taken her catchphrase to rehab. The 17-year-old has some “very serious issues” that only rehab can solve. According to TMZ:

Sources connected to the rapper tell us Danielle, who’s just 17 years old, recently checked herself into a facility at an undisclosed location, and has been held up a few weeks now. We’re told she’s receiving treatment for a combination of things … past trauma from her childhood, but also substance abuse in the form of prescription pills.

Too bad, she’s gonna come out all boring and stuff. Oh well.

TMZ says rehab will take 30-90 days, which is perfect for Bhad Babie because she’ll get out just in time for bikini season. Hey girl! Where you been?? Oh right, rehab.

Is it me or is Bhad Babie beginning to look like Lil Kim?

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3 years ago

She is beyond disgusting.