Kate Upton Might Lose ‘Sports Illustrated’ Cover Over Shitty Behavior

You might have to actually turn a few pages to see Kate Upton’s bikini clad boobs in this years Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

Page Six reports that Sports Illustrated is likely to have three different covers featuring Serena Williams, Christie Brinkley, and maybe Kate Upton.

You’d think Kate would be a lock, but her diva like behavior is making Sports Illustrated question whether she’s cover worthy. Apparently, she had huge demands including a list of the only photographers and makeup artists that she’d work with and said she’d only do the shoot if she got the cover.

The source continues and says, “She was being a big f – – king diva. She’s thinks she’s better than everyone because she’s an actress.” Umm…what? If she thinks her fine work in The Other Woman makes her better than Serena Williams, she’s quite mistaken. Though she has three more movies coming up, we can almost guarantee that she’ll be shitty in them, unless she just stands silently nearly topless in every scene.

So, Kate’s attitude may take her cover away. Surely her stellar acting career will make up for it.

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6 years ago

that yellow bikini looks too small on her. Makes her look fat which she isn’t.