Magic Moment on Instagram – Leonardo DiCaprio Met Salt Bae

A great meeting of the minds happened recently. I’m sure we’ll all remember where we were when Leonardo DiCaprio met Salt Bae.

If you haven’t been scouring through the internet to find something that isn’t Trump related, Salt Bae is a chef who’s recently come into internet fame. Why? Not because he’s a big restauranteur, owner of six steakhouses and respected chef in Turkey. No, it’s cause he’s sort of hot, acts real sexy with his meat, and salts things weird. Internet fame at it’s best.

Leonardo couldn’t stay away from this unique chef and the moment was captured for us all to enjoy.

Leonardo has a real “what the f**k is going on here” look on his face, but the internet is filled with joy.

So enjoy this chef’s weird salting and know that Leo’s turkey and focus on that rather than the rest of the bizarro world we’re currently living in.

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