Nick Cannon Firing Everybody and Walking Around in Turbans

Nick Cannon might be losing it a little.

After Cannon quit America’s Got Talent, he’s also fired his longtime advisors and now will only be referred to as Rev. Dr. Cannon. What his doctorate is in, we’re not sure, but it’s probably in “Introductions of Talented Americans.”

Apparently, he’s become very religious and walks around wearing robes and turbans. Now, he’s not into any one religion but is just really into basic religious stuff in general.

Now, he has been in and out of the hospital due to his lupus, so it’s understandable that he’s a little shaken up. He may very well want to get spiritual in a totally sane way and take a break from the business. We all hope he’s not going full Kanye.

If you hear of Nick Cannon meeting up with Trump at any point, know that his mental state has truly gone off the rails.

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Mr. Ken
Mr. Ken
5 years ago

Someone take blood sample.
Gonna put money on Mirah having him poisoned with psychotics to make her look like the sane one.

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