The Oscars Went Great

So you probably know the Oscars were Sunday night. And you probably heard something happened during the announcement of Best Picture.

During the Oscar for Best Picture, Warren Beatty announced the winner as La La Land. After 3 people gave their speech, they were told that they had not in fact won and that Moonlight was the actual winner. Just watch it.

The entire thing was awkward, cringey and startling. Startling because the movie starring a bunch of white people didn’t actually win.

Somewhere Steve Harvey just took a break from writing his misogynist manifesto and started giggling.

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6 years ago

From the clip I just watched here, it didn’t appear that “Warren Beatty announced the winner”. I’m pretty sure I saw Faye Dunaway actually announce the movie’s title. But meh, close enough, huh?

robert franklin stroud
robert franklin stroud
6 years ago
Reply to  MIMIDS

It’s not like he could see a video to tell him who did it. Oh?