The Simpsons Foretold of Lady Gaga’s Halftime Performance

Pretty sure The Simpsons writers had some kinda magic crystal ball they used to write episodes.

In a 2012 Simpsons episode, which no one probably saw because no one has watched The Simpsons in like 15 years, called “Lisa Goes Gaga,” Lady Gaga does a surprise concert in Springfield. Weirdly, it looks just like her recent Super Bowl performance and stage persona Joanne.

Check it out.

This is hardly the weirdest thing The Simpson’s has ever predicted. From Donald Trump’s presidency to apparently correctly guessing the mass of the Higgs Boson Particle in 1998, years before scientists figured it out on 2013, who knows what other wisdom Homer-stradamus has for us?

For a show that stopped being relevant years ago The Simpsons was really on some next level Miss Cleo s**t.

[H/T Business Insider, Vulture]

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