Taylor Swift and Gigi Hadid Post Cute Video but All the Internet Cares About Is Taylor Swift’s Victim Complex

Taylor Swift uploaded a video of her and Gigi Hadid fangirling over hearing her and Zayn Malik’s Fifty Shades duet “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever,” but all Twitter and Buzzfeed care about is her victim complex.

Good. I’m tired of her. Banking on feminism while staying silent in critical moments so she can keep her Nazi demographic going strong. I see you, Taylor.

Taylor wants you to think about her and Gigi jamming out, excited to hear her song for the first time, as she showed by uploading the moment on her YouTube channel.

Buzzfeed and Twitter however…

And what kinda s**t is in there? Well…

“It may seem that Swift’s posture of victimhood is founded on her relationship with West. But it can, in fact, be traced back to the very beginning of her decade-long career.”

We going back. Way past Taylor double crossing Kanye and Kim’s receipts.

“The notion of sexual innocence emerged as she cried over her best friend giving “everything she had” to a “boy who changed his mind”, and through the repeated mention of a highly sexualised “other woman” swooping in to steal her love interests. Her innocence also contributed to the emotional impact of the most common theme of all: Swift as the victim of the behaviour of a bad boyfriend, or rejection by her crush.”

Yeah. Fucking obviously. Thanks Buzzfeed.

[Source Us, Buzzfeed]

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