Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Got Regrettable Committment Tattoos Before Divorce

There’s no bigger mistake in life than getting a tattoo that ties you to your significant other. But, when you’re a Hollywood star and in love, making mistakes is a daily occurrence.

Just before their divorce, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt went to Thailand to get commitment tattoos.

Jolie got three new tattoos on her back, while Pitt chose to have a Buddhist symbol inked on the left side of his stomach. Kanpai also noted that he used the same ink for both of their tattoos, so that they are “symbolically bound as husband and wife.”

Well, this doesn’t sound so bad. I have a symbolic tattoo that commits me to my significant other. It’s a J (for Jessica) with an infinity sign. But given that my name starts with a J as well, should we ever split, it’s still a pretty easy tattoo to explain to my next significant other. See, you can ink your body in commitment and still be smart about things.

My guess is that both Pitt and Jolie will be returning to Thailand in the near future to do some awesome cover-up. Pitt will probably have some ode to Jennifer Aniston because he finally realizes that he screwed up the best Hollywood relationship ever. And Jolie will keep adding symbols like they are her kids.

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