Catch Up On ‘What’s My Snack?’ With Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt is slowly losing his mind on the set of Jurassic World 2.

What you just watched was the debut of Pratt’s new game called “What’s My Snack?” Pratt is playing this game to show everyone all the awful s**t he’s forced to eat as he stays in shape for this movie. I wonder if Pratt misses being Andy Dwyer every day. Just shining shoes, playing music, and otherwise eating chips and pizza.

Pratt’s first snack is a cacao baobab banana chia seed shake. Pratt has trouble pronouncing it, which means he probably shouldn’t eat it. Never eat something you can’t pronounce.

Edition two goes a little better as Pratt can not only pronounce the snack, but he really sees to be enjoying it. I assume that assorted shashimi sales spiked after this video came out.

Episode three is where Pratt really starts losing his mind.

He not only has to be really quiet as to not cause any suspicion as to what he’s doing, he eats his snack the night before he’s supposed to have it. I guess when it’s an olive oil pistachio cake, I can’t really blame him. But it begs the question, are they feeding this guy on set?

Pratt tries to make up for his childish behavior in episode four, but that doesn’t end well.

Can’t wait for the raptors to release their own version of “What’s My Snack?” in the coming weeks.

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