Hollywood Hates Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard

Even though Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard seem like really cool and down to earth people, it appears that not everyone likes them.

The hubby and wife — who are shilling their movie “CHiPs” — have industry types gagging over endless oversharing in interviews, spilling a litany of sound bites about their marital therapy, her breastfeeding issues, fights over furniture, Google searches for “murdering my husband,” his fearlessness about directing naked, quitting sugar, and more to “any media outlet that will listen.”

Wait, what? This is nothing new. Anytime any celebrity has a new movie coming out, they are on a million different talk shows saying a million different things. Well, that’s not entirely true. Most celebrities say the exact same thing and it gets really boring. Why are Bell and Shepard hated for saying something with substance?

Sure, they are over-exposed, but in this day of social media, who isn’t over-exposed? Maybe Hollywood should just shut down so there’s no movies to promote or talk shows to go on. There, I’ve solved everything. You’re welcome, Hollywood.

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7 years ago

Probably it’s because both of them are obnoxious