Twitter Is Losing Its S**t Over These Pics of Young Justin Trudeau

Vintage twink Trudeau pics have surfaced and I can’t even think of a joke to make because I’m so hard right now.

Ivanka Drumpf wants to f**k Justin Trudeau, and Twitter already did after that butt shot of him surfaced.

Now it’s even worse.


Motherfucker looks like the fifth member of Led Zeppelin who played nothing but the pussy.


I want to swim in his eyebrows.

I don’t even know what that means, but I feel it deep in my heart.

This, of course, has led to the realization that other politicians were babes in the days of yore. Like, check out young Joe Biden.

Legislate my ass, daddy.

Do vice presidents even legislate s**t? I don’t know. I learned the Pythagorean theorem in school, but I didn’t learn s**t about how my own government works.

But I do know that young Bernie Sanders was working because damnnn.

Bernie was looking mad 2017 in 1801, when this picture was probably taken.

But anyway, back to the point.

Thank you god and also Jesus.

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