Remy Ma Hits Nicki Minaj With ‘Another One’

This past weekend, Remy Ma put Nicki Minaj on blast with “shETHER,” one of the best diss tracks in a long time.

Nicki responded with Instagram posts.

Today, Remy came out with “Another One” which is, as the title implies, another diss track aimed towards Nicki.

Now they so busy shootin’ videos and I’m like nah
Where the f**k is your song? I mean, come on

Remy immediately asks where Nicki’s response is, which is a very fair question. I wondered the same thing.

Bet you wonderin’ how I know your problems?
It’s a lot of people that you really bothered
They was sellin’ footage and you know I bought it

Don’t come around me, now I got the crown, see
I beat you with punches in 48, you Ronda Rousey

“Another One” isn’t quite as good as “shETHER” but when your first track is a seven-minute lyrical homicide, your second track just needs to be the burial. Remy should probably wait until Nicki responds before releasing another track. Or just try to get her attention through social media.

Someone tell Nicki’s ghostwriters to hurry up.

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