Thandie Newton Liked Being Naked on ‘Westworld’

If you watched Westworld, you saw a lot of Thandie Newton. And you saw a lot of Thandie Newton naked. Turns out, that’s how she preferred to act.

“I found myself more empowered naked than I did with the saloon outfit on…I was more comfortable naked because the costume was the most potent objectification of a woman, with the boobs pushed right up, the tiny waist. It’s an invitation for sex.”

Could the hosts even have sex? Her story confused the hell out of me. I’m not sure how pushed up boobs and a tiny waist invite sex more than being naked, but, you go girl.

“The fishnet tights, the little heels with the laces … It’s all about sensuality. It’s about eroticism. It’s about, ‘Look, but don’t touch. It’s all there to make the invitation for sex as provocative as possible and then the promise of satisfaction is practically just there.”

Sure, but, also, being naked seems like an invitation as well. Of course, no man should feel like they have an open invitation no matter what a girl is or isn’t wearing. Always RSVP and then double check with the host to make sure you’ve been approved.

Whatever Thandie feels more comfortable in or not in, more power to her.

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