Brad Pitt Calls David Fincher to Direct ‘World War Z’ Sequel and Save His Career

No one really wanted a sequel to World War Z, but when there’s money to be made Hollywood studios will make it.

Fortunately, Brad Pitt is doing his best to ensure that the sequel is more than a cash grab. That’s why he reached out to the great David Fincher to direct the film. Alright, they sold me.

Fincher hasn’t directed a movie since Gone Girl in 2014, but just about everything he touches turns to gold. And everything he makes with Brad Pitt is a license to print money. Fight Club, Se7en, and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button are all critically acclaimed films.

Fincher isn’t typically the sequel type, having openly ripped his time on Aliens 3, but that was a different time for the director. It was his first major film and he doesn’t have the same cachet he does now.

I imagine that Pitt groveled Fincher to get him on board. He needs a rebound after Allied and his divorce. He knows that Fincher is the man to boost him back up. Pitt is good looking and seems smart. I’d say he’s perfect except for the fact that he can’t keep a wife.

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