Sex Session Breaks Out at Tennis Match

You know how tennis players grunt when they hit the ball? People like Maria Sharapova.

If you listen to that video with the sound off, it sounds like the greatest night of sex.

Well, the grunting didn’t come from any tennis players this time. Frances Tiafoe and Mitchell Krueger played each other at the Sarasota Open in Florida. Their match probably would’ve ended like any tennis match except for a women’s loud, passionate moans from somewhere around the stadium. Everyone in the stadium could hear it. At one point, Tiafoe yells out “it can’t be that good!”

Check out the video around 1:50 in.

Turn it up if you can’t hear it. All the way up so everyone around you can hear also.

Those are quality moans, so perfect that they’ve gotta be fake. It’s like one of those library pranks where some student’s computer “accidentally” starts playing a porno.

FAAAAKE. It’s a good laugh nonetheless for what looks like a boring ass tennis match.

[H/T BroBible]

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