Melania Trump Liked a Tweet Talking About How Her Marriage Is S**t

The Trump family’s social media presence is fascinating. I can’t tell if it’s a strategic distraction, or if they are a bunch of wrecks who don’t give a f**k.

Looking at their patriarch, I think we all know which one it probably is.

People have been speculating about Rapey Don and Melania’s marriage for months, mostly because every time she has to be within ten feet of him she looks like she wants to die, they have the body language of two strangers trying not to touch each other on a crowded bus, and she’s the only first lady ever to refuse to move into The White House and be in the same state as the President.

Liberal blogger Andy Ostroy was fucking shocked when a verified account of Melania Trump liked a joke about her shitty marriage and idiot husband.

Her like was quickly deleted, but was already archived. According to The Daily Dot, Melania’s director of communications was not aware that there was any activity on her account, which has been pretty much silent since Election Day.

I hope Melania’s marriage is fucking terrible. Getting here on a green card scam only to turn around and stand by a guy that wants to kick out all our immigrants? Melania Trump can eat my ass.

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