Ruby Rose Defends Taylor Swift From Big Bad Katy Perry

Katy Perry’s new track “Swish Swish” is probably about Taylor Swift. It might as well be called “Swift Swift”. You know it, I know it, Ruby Rose knows it. Since Ruby Rose is part of Swift’s squad, she’s having none of it and is standing up for her “calculating” friend who loves to play the victim.

Naturally, she went on Twitter to pop off on Perry.

“Hey, Ruby, but what about that Taylor Swift diss track ‘Bad Blood’ which was about Katy Perry?,” asked the confused masses.

Jesus. Things have changed from the old days. Back in the time of Biggie and 2Pac you had 2Pac straight up threatening everyone on Bad Boy. Now you have cryptic lyrics you need a decoder ring to decipher and passive aggressive tweets. During the east coast/west coast rivalry, people would punch each other in the face. Now the rudest thing two artists will do to each other is avoid eye contact on the red carpet of the MET Gala.

  • Yamini

    Lol..good one..

  • dmr

    none of this is true

    • Michael85

      Big titty hoe got rekt

      • T-Bobby Bob

        Now I realise you can take the moral high ground on unproven allegations. Moron.

        • Michael85

          Woody Allen is still a pedo and Katy Perry si a dumb hoe. These are not mutually exclusive.

  • AussieDan

    Sits reading with morning coffee, “Kary Perry may have admitted defeat in her feud with Taylor Swift…” *pauses in mid-sip* ‘T.Swift propoganda, wonder if Jeremy wrote this?’ *scrolls up* ‘Yup. At least he’s consistent.’

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