Video of Thailand’s Crop-Topped King Is Getting Facebook Kicked Out of Thailand

What’s the capital of Thailand? Bangkok. And if Facebook isn’t careful, Thailand is going to slap them right in the nuts.

That’s because there’s a video circulating on Facebook that shows Thailand King Maha Vajiralongkorn walking around the mall in a yellow crop top. Rain drop. Drop top. Thailand’s king wears a yellow crop top. If that meme hasn’t been done, I demand royalties.

Thailand is able to threaten Facebook because their government has a law called “lèse-majesté,” which says that you’re not allowed to insult the king, queen, or crown prince. Thanks, Thailand. I can’t wait until Donald Trump passes this law by the end of the year. We’re all going to be in jail.

David Streckfuss, an author and expert on Thailand law, weighed in with the New York Times:

“The government’s moves to restrict Facebook indicate that it is solidifying ideologically around the monarchy, making it the cornerstone of its overall efforts to stem political freedom,” said David Streckfuss

“Its main tactic will be to refashion this law, already much abused, into an offensive weapon designed to eliminate all forms of political opposition,” Mr. Streckfuss said.

Thailand asked Facebook to remove 131 pages that housed the video. And if they didn’t, they would shut down Facebook entirely. Could you imagine if Facebook shut down in America? Twitter would become even worse. Mark Zuckerberg would have to get a real job.

Facebook is already geoblocking the video. So, if you’re Thailand, you won’t be able to see this:

Apparently, the King dresses like this a lot. So is it really insulting him to share the video and pictures? Or, does he do because no one can insult him and so he’s just trolling? Either way, the King of Thailand has some serious power.

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