Alex Rodriguez Is Not Attracted to Jennifer Lopez According to Reliable Mistress

Is Alex Rodriguez cheating on Jennifer Lopez? Probably not. But, according to the extremely reputable Radar Online, that’s the story. I’m sure they’re still baffled as to why Bennifer isn’t back together.

Lauren Hunter, A-Rod’s alleged mistress, came forward with the details.

According to Hunter, Rodriguez slammed Lopez as a “40-something woman” during one of their trysts.

And when the fitness model asked him if the relationship was real, she said he just laughed and stuck his tongue out!

A-Rod is 41, so is calling J. Lo “a 40-something” really that insulting?

You know this story is fake because there’s no way A-Rod would cheat on his significant other with anyone except himself.

But good for Hunter, she’s cashing in and ruining relationships. That’s the American dream.

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