Bill Cosby’s Town Halls Are About Making Bill Cosby Great Again

Good news fans not planning to attend the Bill Cosby town halls, they’re not actually about sexual assault. What they’re really about is making Bill Cosby great again. People only think it’s about sexual assault because that’s how the media spun things.

Here’s what Cosby’s publicist had to say:

“When we initially talked about the town hall meetings,” Benson said, “it was about restoration of legacy, much to what Mrs. Cosby spoke on in her statement is the sensationalism brought on by the media. This is another example of that. To take something meant to talk about the restoration of this man’s legacy that was destroyed by the media before he even had a chance to step into the courtroom. That’s what this is about.”

You guys, Bill Cosby has become Donald Trump. This is the saddest thing I’ve ever witnessed.

The initial statement definitely made these town halls out to be about sexual assault. That’s all Cosby’s publicists talked about when they announced them. They wanted people to “understand the laws” and all that nonsense. Now it’s about “restoring Cosby’s legacy.”

Unless they have a time machine and a lifetime supply of pudding pops, his legacy won’t be restored. That’s what happens when you sexually assault multiple women.

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