Friendly Passerby Helps Film Couple OD’Ing on Drugs

If I die, IF, I die accidentally, please don’t film it. Or at least call police before hitting record.

Some couple overdosed and slumped in their car when a nice man passed by and immediately thought, WORLD STAH! Get me some clicks!

This took place in Boston, Massachusetts.

It involves one anonymous lady and her male friend, Dan. We know his name because she keeps saying his name while trying to wake him up. We’ll get to that later.

Scene one, act one, opens with the couple passed out in their car. A couple of onlookers debate what to do. “They dead, man!” one implores while asking the others to wake them up.

Their shouting wakes the woman up who’s sitting in the passenger seat. She looks at Dan who’s head is slumped over. Like I said, od’ing.

To her credit, the lady friend tries to give Dan CPR. To her non-credit, she does it by reclining Dan’s seat back 45 degrees and straddling him. Half-CPR, half porno. A few chest rubs later and Dan comes to, albeit still groggy and out of it.

Paramedics arrive and I assume the couple told them, “Nothing to see here!” and drove away quickly.

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