Hanson Emerges from the Dead to Call Justin Bieber’s Music ‘Chlamydia of the Ear’

In case you’ve ever wondered whatever happened to the family musical trio Hanson, a band of three brothers known for their luscious long locks and one hit single from some two decades ago, one of the three brothers seems to have come back from the dead just to liken Justin Bieber’s music to “chlamydia” — and to think, it’s only Monday.

Zac, the youngest of the three brothers, said in an interview with Adelaide, Australia’s Hit107 FM:

“Can I just say I’m glad I didn’t know what that was. I prefer not to get any venereal diseases, whenever Justin Bieber gets near me or near my ears… I’m out,”.

The 31-year-old continued:

“It’s like hanging out with a koala, it’s just ear infections they’re terrible, it’s chlamydia of the ear, it sucks.”

Zac’s on-air conversation with Hit107’s hosts started off innocently enough, as they engaged in a friendly game of “Whose Song is it, Anyway?” Finally, as Zac was stumped on “Despacito,” which happens to be the number one song in the country right now, the show’s hosts told Zac that Bieber had contributed to the song and boy, did he have words.

As of Monday afternoon, Bieber has yet to respond to Zac’s comments (and probably won’t), and Zac has yet to elaborate on what koalas ever did to earn his ire.

Hanson is currently on tour in Australia, probably performing and then re-performing their 25-year-old hit, “MMMBop,” while at home in the States, Bieber is busy trying to learn the lyrics of his own song.

The Biebs has weathered a good amount of criticism throughout his career — in the form of words and thrown water bottles — but this latest barb by Hanson undoubtedly ranks among the most memorable.

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If Mayweather is so upset by this, he deserves to lose.

Safe to say you all are a piece of shit for bullying this kid who does nothing but go to church and mind his own business; the fact is this guy is lying; he previously showed he approved of Justin wearing that shirt by wearing a Justin Bieber shirto-there are pictures; he’s using Justin for publicity since, lo and behold, he has an album coming out; there is absolutely no proof Justin said that to him; one can say anything about another celeb; it’s contrary to Justin’s character as people who really know him can tell you; furthermore, he had… Read more »

Go back to Canada, Justin.
And pull up your damn pants.


Since when is China a moral authority anyone cares about or “running” over a paparazzo standing in the path of a moving vehicle while bombarding the driver with flash anything but the pap’s own fault?

Also, the writer of this steaming pile of caka should go write the word “journalism” infinity times and think about what that means. This excuse for an “article” is nothing more than hate speech. Shameful.

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