Hilary Duff Butt Is the Best Butt Says Internet

Nicki Minaj may have bragged about her anaconda, but the quiet consensus of the internet has come together and chosen their favorite badonkadonk. It belongs to white girl and former child star Hilary Duff.

Eww, I found myself thinking, isn’t she a baby? Not really, as it turns out. Duff is 29, a year older than me, I’ve just been ignoring her career since Lizzie McGuire ended in 2004. My loss apparently, because Duff is fire, and nobody had gotten around to telling me. Until today.

This picture hasn’t just gone viral- it’s become a full-on meme. People are accusing Hilary of being a secret Kardashian, and shedding a tear for Gordo, who let a hottie get away.

Since her 2014 divorce, Duff has been focusing on her family and her music career, which explains why I haven’t heard about her lately. I’m either not cool enough, or too cool to check out the newest Hilary Duff single in 2016. Plus I’m not on Tinder, where she can apparently be found.

Now that Duff’s assets are exposed to the world, maybe she’ll re-brand. I feel like we all deserve better than quiet mom Hilary Duff who likes to date old dudes. Where’s the girl who used to dominate the tabloid headlines? As long as everything else in the world seems to be going bad, I feel like we all deserve a bad-girl Hilary Duff renaissance.

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