Jessica Chastain Considering Villainous Turn in ‘X-Men Dark Phoenix’

Last time the X-Men movies tried to do the famous “Dark Phoenix” storyline, they called it X-Men: The Last Stand and it sucked. It was awful. Terrible. Garbage. It was really bad you guys. This time, Fox is trying to actually embrace the comic book story and just straight up calling the film X-Men: Dark Phoenix. But are they already messing it up?

Casting Jessica Chastain in anything is a good idea. She’s a smokin’ hot redhead, a damn good actress, and would be great to see chewing the scenery as a villain. But has anyone at Fox even read the “Dark Phoenix” comic? The villain of the story is um… Dark Phoenix, who is Jean Grey, who is already being played by Sophie Turner. But Variety says Chastain is “in talks.”

Sophie Turner is already great. She rolls so hardcore. She knows what the internet likes. Bad American accent non-withstanding, she’s a great actress ready for a star making turn as a good girl gone bad. In space.

So who’s this villain they want Chastain to play? An older sexed up Jean Grey? A space bird made of fire? Princess-Majestrix Lilandra Neramani of the Shi’ar Empire (what? I’ve read comics)? It already feels like Fox is making the same old mistakes of changing stuff that doesn’t need to be changed.

So Fox: from me to you. Hire someone to read the comic. Write the comic into a movie script. Make the comic into a movie. Don’t do the same thing you do every time you mess up a classic X-Men storyline. We’re all sick of it.

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