Robin Thicke Is Doing Alright With Half-Naked April Love Geary

In surprising news, Robin Thicke is still with his hot 22-year-old girlfriend, April Love Geary. It’s been 2 or so years and they still haven’t broken up. No one knows why this 40-year-old man would date a super attractive woman 18 years younger than him who wears this on date nights.

And not even just date night. But wearing it out everywhere. Even while eating pasta.

When in Paris…. 🌟

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But there must be a reason because he even looks like he’s happy or something. Can you believe that? How can this 5’11” model with 33-24-35 measurements make an old man happy?

It's the darker side of me that makes you feel so numb 🥀

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I bet she even has a thigh gap. Yuck.


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She looks fat.

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